Flamingo Contoured Pillow

Flamingo Contoured Pillow
Flamingo Contoured Pillow
Brand: Flamingo
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Flamingo Contoured Pillow

Product Description:

A contour pillow is a type of othopedic pillow designed to allow the correction of body positioning while in bed or lying on another surface. The design of these pillows follow guidelines that guarantees support is given to the right places for one or more specific parts of your body. This will ultimately give you the best chance for your body to gain rest and provide a good night’s sleep.

Many experts believe that sleeping on a contour pillow is the best way to provide not only your neck but your whole body support when resting.

Lying incorrectly and exposing your neck to awkward positions can be very harmful esspecially because the human neck is very delicate. The contour will relieve pressure from the neck when sleeping and help support the head in a horizontal position. Benefits of a contour pillow aren’t limited to just the neck. The shoulders are more relaxed and the chances of getting combined neck and shoulder pains are reduced.

Product Features:

  • Ideal for Cervical Spondylosis. Used for Cervical Spine disorders.
  • Supports the neck muscles and ligaments with firmness & resilence, combined with softness and comfort.
  • Unique design of different height on two sides,made specially forthe comfortable sleep either on back or sides.

CODE- OC 2147




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