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Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid Hearing Aid
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Hearing Aid


There are five main types of hearing aids. The choice of hearing aid depends on the type of hearing loss, the shape of the individual ear canal and to some extent the user´s own individual preferences.

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE)          
  • In-the-ear (ITE)       
  • Completely-in-canal (CIC)         
  • Receiver-in-canal (RIC)           
  • Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)

Behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE)

The classic behind-the-ear model (BTE) is the choice if you have a severe hearing loss or if you have very small ear canals, which makes it difficult to fit an entire hearing aid into your ear.

All the electronic components of a classic BTE model are located in a housing placed behind your ear.

A slim plastic tube with an earmould in the end directs the amplified sound from the hearing aid into your ear.

Manual controls for volume and program change are placed on the top side of the hearing aid for easy user access.

Depending on the model, BTE hearing aids can moreover often be fitted with an open fit solution. This means that the ear-tip is made with compensatory measures so as to optimise the sound processing.

How Hearing Aids Work

  • Microphone – picks up the sound and sends it to the amplifier
  • Receiver – inside the hearing aid, sends the amplified sound into the ear canal
  • Amplifier – inside the aid, selectively makes the sound louder
  • Volume Control – usually outside the aid, adjusts the loudness
  • Battery – supplies the power

Self Evaluation

You should have your hearing checked if:

  • You have to strain to hear normal conversation
  • You have to watch other people’s faces very carefully to follow what they are saying
  • You need to ask people to repeat what they’ve said
  • You often misunderstand what people are saying
  • You turn the volume of the television or radio up so high that others complain
  • You feel that people are mumbling when they’re talking to you
  • You are having ear infections, dizziness or a ringing in your ears
  • You find that the effort to hear leaves you feeling tired and irritated
  • You notice, when using the phone, that you hear better with one ear than the other


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