Dr. Morepen Pulse Oximeter

Dr. Morepen Pulse Oximeter
Dr. Morepen Pulse Oximeter
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Dr. Morepen Pulse Oximeter

Finger Pulse Oximeter

A device for monitoring the heart rate and the level of oxygen in the bloodstream. Pulse oximetry is used mostly in hospitals but is gradually finding its way into home use and becoming popular with family doctors. It uses optical sensors and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) emitting light at different wavelengths through a finger tip where the transmitted light is detected using an optical sensor. Based on the principle of oxygenated hemoglobin having a higher absorption coefficient for infrared light than deoxygenated hemoglobin while deoxygenated hemoglobin absorbs more red light, by taking the ration of absorbed red light to infrared light, the oxygen saturation level can be obtained.


  • Pulse oximeters are simple and effective to use. It gives accurate results and quickly. It is of critical importance during emergencies also. Patients having respiratory disorders like asthma, COPD or sleep disorders like hypopnea must carry this device with them every time.
  • Pulse oximeter can be used even when the patient's oxygenation is not stable which can be recovery, intensive care, hospital ward or operating. It is also useful for pilots in unpressurized aircraft and knowing the need of supplemental oxygen.

Why Dr. Morepen Pulse Oximeter?

Dr. Morepen pulse oximeter is advanced medical equipment with great features, long time warranty and invasive quality which detects PR and SpO2. It can be carried as and when needed and is easy to use to measure the value of SpO2 quickly. It is a must to monitor respiratory diseases which are incurable, but signs must be controlled every time like COPD, asthma or any lung problems.

It helps In detecting initial stages of Heart Diseases, Must For Monitoring Asthma COPD, ARDS & Other Heart & Lung Problems,


The process is very simple All you need to do is put your finger into the sensor, and your oxygen level and pulse rate will is displayed on the screen.


  • Nearly 50 hours continuous operation
  • Detects the initial stages of heart diseases
  • Verifies the oxygen level and pulse rate whenever you want
  • Facility of automatic power-off
  • Advantageous for sports enthusiasts & travelers
  • Light in weight and convenient to carry
  • Durable, accurate and quick
  • Visual alarm function, real-time spot checks
  • Helps to know asthma COPD, ARDS and other heart and lung problems.
  • Can be used by kids and elderly.

Dr. Morepen pulse oximeter helps to the readings of the oxygen pulse and heart rate quickly with accurate results. The company focuses on making the safe and reliable range of self healthy care products. Hence, you will get pulse oximeter at affordable prices with long time warranty. The company maintains the functional efficiency and cost effectiveness.


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