Multi Functional Ozonizer

Multi Functional Ozonizer
Multi Functional Ozonizer
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Multi Functional Ozonizer - Food Sterilizer / Ozone Disinfector / Ozone Generator


Benefits of the product are as follows :  ( Chemical Ka Dushman-- Sehat Ka Dost )

  • Immediately remove 80% to 95% pesticides / Chemicals from Vegetables.It creates free radicals that break chemical bonds in an oxidative chain reaction, usually as a means to kill bacteria and other pathogens.
  • antibiotics & hormones from meats and vegetables.
  • Kills 99% living micro-organism, viruses, germs in the meat, vegetable and fruits.
  • Preserve food''s freshness- Sterilize, kitchen utensils, baby bottle.
  • Sterilizer water for facial purposes ( Skin Whitening).
  • Treatments to skin diseases.
  • Ozonized Water used for Battery and sterlizing Medical Instruments.
  • Removes Bad Smell From Air.
  • Sterilizer, disinfects, deodorizes and preserve freshness-
  • User friendly (plug into the power point, put the silicone tube into that food filled with water, set the timer and it will stop automatically when the time it up)

How does Our  Liana Healthcare Ozonizer , Ozone Food Sterilizer work ?

The air pump forces the raw air (oxygen from the air) through a"Silent Discharging Type" ozone tube made from dielectric substances with both anode and cathode polarity. When the high pressure direct current (DC) passes through, a corona discharge phenomenon with the ground electrode is produced, decomposing 3 oxygen atoms to 2 ozone atoms (3O2 to 2O3) and produce stable ozone (O3).

Ozone (O3) is also know as "active oxygen". Its molecules consists of 3 oxygen atoms, which will then convert back to oxygen within the period of about 25 minutes. It has a grass like smell, where you could experience in the forest, near waterfall or fountain.

The ozone from the discharging tube will then travel pass through the silicon tube and output from the bubble stone. Immerse the stone into the water to treat foods, such as vegetable, fruits, meats and more. The ozone air bubble come out from the stone will dissolve into the water and react will any chemicals, hormones and toxins present on these foods to neutralize it. Ozone will be able to breakdown a single cell organism like bacteria, fungus, molds and viruses.

Detailed Product Description 


1. Pure Ozone work together with high negative ion can strengthen the effect on killing the virus in the airremove the smell of cigarette and nicotine, indoor harmful gas, odor of bathroom and pet and the harmful gas come out of indoor decoration material. It can also remove the pollen particle, mite which can caused allergic asthma, build a fresh and comfortable living circumstance.

2. The Ozone can be lead to the water by tube to form ozone water. Ozone water can be used to wash face and hair, take shower, clean dinner tool, fruit and vegetable, fresh food, and eliminate the agrochemical so as to prolong the food storage time. 

3. Ozone and negative ion can work simultaneously or separately, it’s controlled by micro-computer and has remote controller and timer. 

Function of Negative Ion

1. Negative ion can trap the positive particles and excess positive ion, strongly kill the bacterial, mildew, remove smoke and fusty smell and poisonous odor from the newly decorated materials.Effectively decrease the stuff which may cause hypersusceptible asthma.

2. Negative ion can clean and fresh the indoor air, no pollution. Promote the huresistivityman body metabolism, reduce the respirometric, and enhance the resistively and immunity.

Purify the air in your home or office Effectively remove the smoke and mildew smell indoors. Kill the harmful bacteria in the dirt. Degrade harmful substances found in the air. Keep fresh and clean air in the room. 30 - 60 minutes
(A space of 250-350 sq ft)
Elimination of the volatile toluene from furniture and newly decorated house The sterilizer can oxidize and remove harmful gas given off by newly decorated room and furniture. It also reduces chemical effects from cleaning agents and maintains the health of your respiratory system. 10 - 30 minutes
Elimination of foul smells in kitchens or bathrooms. Easily removes the foul smell in bathrooms and in kitchens and produces a freshness smell. 10 minutes
Deodorization and fresh keeping of refrigerator Turn On the sterilizer and pull the Ozone output tube into your refrigerator, slightly closing the door. It will quickly remove the odors in the refrigerator, and keep the food germ-free and fresh. 10 minutes
Deodorization and mold resistance in wardrobe and shoe cabinet. Ozone can kill the bacteria in shoes, socks and underwear, and prevent epiphyte infection, while removing peculiar stale smells. Meanwhile, it can prevent clothes from mold when the season changes. 20 - 30 min



Model Liana- A-93 ( Advanced Model )
Power Supply 220-230 VAC (15 Watt)
Ozone output 400 mg per hour (ideal for domestic use)
Ozone generator Cool Silent Discharging tube
Installation Method Wall mounted or table top
Casing material Food grade ABS plastic
Dimension L270 x W190 x H60mm
Weight 1.2 kg ( 2.64 lbs)


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