Diastix Urinalysis Strips

Diastix Urinalysis Strips
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Bayer Diastrix Urinalysis - 50 Strips

The purpose of urine testing is that you want to determine whether your blood sugar levels are going so high.

There are three types of urine testing strips associated with diabetes on the market. There are Diastix, Ketostix and Keto-Diastix. We strongly recommend that you use Keto-Diastix, as they have a huge advantage over the other two.

Diastix just test for glucose in the urine. Ketostix test solely for urinary ketones. Keto-Diastix are a combination and test for both glucose and ketones.

Diastix come in bottles of 50 plastic strips. Diastix are very sensitive to light, heat and moisture and you mustn’t touch the little square. However, if stored properly they will last for six months. There’s even a little place on the bottle to write down the date you opened it.

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