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Low back pain syndrome involves lumbar vertebrae. It can be acute, subacute or chronic. An acute lower back injury may be caused by a traumatic event, like a car accident or a fall. In acute cases, the structures damaged will more than likely be soft tissue like ntervertebral discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons. With a serious accident, osteoporosis or other causes of weakened vertebral ones,vertebral fractures in the lumbar spine may also occur.

Chronic lower back pain has a more insidious onset, occurring over a long period of time. Physical causes may include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degeneration of the discs between the vertebrae, or a spinal disc herniation, a vertebral fracture (such as from osteoporosis) or rarely, a tumor (including cancer) or infection.

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Flamingo - Contoured L S Belt
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Flamingo - Contoured L.S.Support
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Flamingo - Dorso lumbar Spinal Brace (Taylors Brace)
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Flamingo - ECO Frame Belt
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Flamingo - Lumbar Corset Belt
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Flamingo - Lumbar Sacro Belt
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Flamingo - Premium Lumbar Sarco Support
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