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Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of the fluid-filled sheath (called the synovium) that surrounds a tendon. It is characterized by pain, swelling, difficulty in moving the particular joint where the inflammation occurs. When the condition causes the finger to "stick" in a flexed position, this is called "stenosing" tenosynovitis,which is commonly called "Trigger finger."
Repetative use or movements of the wrist joint may overstretch or tear the ligament. Common wrist problem are Carpel tunnel sundrome deQuervain disease, unlar, fracture, carpal bone fracture.

Sprains and strains:

Strains occur when muscle or tendons are overstretched.

Sprains are an over stretching or a partial tearing of ligaments.

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Flamingo - Carpel Tunnel Splint
Flamingo - Carpel Tunnel Splint Product Features: Recommended in management of mild t..
Ex Tax: Rs.199.00
Flamingo - Elastic Wrist Splint
Flamingo - Elastic Wrist Splint Product Features: Unique design facilitates the use i..
Ex Tax: Rs.199.00
Flamingo - Extended Forearm Brace
Flamingo - Extended Forearm Brace Product Features: Recommended in the treatment of m..
Ex Tax: Rs.449.00
Flamingo - Palm Brace
Flamingo - Palm Brace Product Features: Quality pull-on sleeve universally designed f..
Ex Tax: Rs.149.00
Flamingo - Thumb Spica Splint
Flamingo - Thumb Spica Splint Product Features: Ideal for arthritis, skier's thumb an..
Ex Tax: Rs.159.00
Flamingo - Tubular Support (Gauntlet to Wrist)
Flamingo - Tubular Support (Gauntlet to Wrist) Product Features: Provides firm suppor..
Ex Tax: Rs.139.00
Flamingo - Tubular Wrist Support
Flamingo - Tubular Wrist Support Product Features: Relieves pain from an injured or w..
Ex Tax: Rs.69.00
Flamingo - Wrist & Forearm Splint
Flamingo - Wrist & Forearm Splint Product Features: Unique design facilitates the..
Ex Tax: Rs.289.00
Flamingo - Wrist Brace
Flamingo - Wrist Brace Product Features: Comfortable pressurized support for weak or ..
Ex Tax: Rs.99.00
Flamingo - Wrist Cock up Splint
Flamingo - Wrist Cock up Splint Product Features: Recommanded for sprains and strains..
Ex Tax: Rs.239.00
Flamingo - Wrist Wrap
Flamingo - Wrist Wrap Product Features: Supports partial immobilization of wrist. ..
Ex Tax: Rs.99.00
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