Chest Supports

Fractures usually occur from direct blows or from indirect crushing injuries. The weakest part of a rib is just anterior to its angle, but a fracture can occur anywhere. Rib fractures can occur without direct trauma and have been reported after sustained coughing & in various sports. They can also occur as a consequence of diseases such as cancer or infections. Fragility fractures of ribs can occur due to diseased bone structure, e.g., osteoporosis & metastasis deposits.

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Flamingo -  Hyper Extension Brace
Flamingo -  Hyper Extension Brace Product Features: Fixes the lumber Vertebral C..
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Flamingo - Chest Guard
Flamingo - Chest Guard Product Features: Provides warmth to chest during cold conditi..
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Flamingo - Rib / Chest Belt
Flamingo - Rib Chest Belt Product Features: Holds fast the thoracic & upper abdom..
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Flamingo - Sternal Splint Belt
Flamingo - Sternal Splint Belt Product Features : Soft foam padded for mild compressi..
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